Bryan Burke

Wonderful dishes that are uniquely and proudly Ontario

It’s easy to see how our Executive Chef Bryan Burke came by his love of cooking – and more particularly, his love of cooking with the finest local and naturally-raised food, produced by Ontario’s farmers and artisans.

“There’s nothing I enjoy more than watching people enjoy what I have cooked,” say Bryan. It’s even better if I get to do some teaching along the way and that is exactly what happens at The Wine Bar.

He takes a “clean and simple” approach to cooking that involves the “layering” of flavors. “Layering is important,” says Bryan, “because it’s important to ensure the flavors don’t blend together. That way you end up with a dish that has many different tastes and textures.”

Check Bryan’s resume and you will find that he has travelled far and wide to hone his cooking skills. He began his career by cooking in hotels and restaurants near his hometown in Halliburton, Ontario, moved on to other hotels and restaurants in Banff, Alberta, and finished up in Europe, where he attended a top cooking school.

See for yourself what Bryan is all about by making a reservation (416-504-9463) today. Remember to ensure you ask for a seat next to Bryan’s cooking station. Then you can watch as he cooks up an incredible meal just for you – one more reason why there is nothing quite like The Wine Bar.