Admit it. You are tired of the same menus, the same selections, and the predictability of it all.

Wouldn’t it be so much better to enjoy the anticipation that comes with knowing you are going to enjoy several fantastic menu selections, including at least one that you have never tried before? That’s what The Wine Bar is all about. We give you three or four selections, each prepared with care and skill in the Tapas Style. It’s the perfect way to sample — and share — your food, especially if you pair each selection with a different glass of wine (available in 3 oz. and 6 oz. sizes.

Always something new to savor
We use only the finest local and naturally-raised food, produced by Ontario farmers and artisans. Every finished meal incorporates Chef Burke’s masterful layering of tastes and commitment to creating distinct dishes that are healthy, sustainable, and ethical. You also need to know that our supply of ingredients changes from season to season. It can even change from week to week – or day to day. That, in turn, means our menu is constantly changing, too, and there will always be something new to savor.

It all adds up to great value for your dining dollar. In fact, a couple can have a great dining experience for about $100, including wine.